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Public Policy Institute

AFT-Oregon Now Hiring

AFT-Oregon is launching a brand new member development program - our Public Policy Institute. This new pilot program will complement our Member Organizer Institute (MOI) by creating a training and development opportunity for emerging union leaders ready to build their legislative, policy, and political advocacy skill sets while strengthening our state federation’s goals at the state legislature. 

The Public Policy Institute pilot program for 2024 will be a ten-week paid program which brings union members into the day-by-day work of researching, tracking, and passing legislation and other public policy initiatives. We are looking for members with an interest or experience in political science, public administration, legislative advocacy, or other similar work. The goal is for AFT-Oregon to dedicate itself to developing greater member-led capacity to achieve ambitious wins in the years to come. The program includes:

  • Onboarding training with AFT-Oregon political and legislative staff
  • Daily communication, mentorship, and shared strategy among our core team
  • Real-world experience crafting testimony, advocating to lawmakers, developing public policy priorities, and tracking state legislation
  • Developing best practices for local leader and union member engagement

Legislative Fellow - Responsibilities and Requirements

Duties include:

Legislative Session

  • Drafting testimony in support of legislation relating to early childhood education, K12 education, higher education, and the public good. 
  • Attending legislative committee meetings and compiling concise notes to be shared with fellow members of the AFT-Oregon political and legislative team
  • Track key events such as town halls, rallies, and other events relevant to our union’s mission.


  • Summarize complex legislative topics into concise articles suitable for our membership
  • Contribute to and organize the distribution of internal and external communications
  • Create content for our union’s social media accounts

Policy Research

  • Assist in the development of the 2024 AFT-Oregon Legislative Survey
  • Assist in the development of a long-term policy portfolio document containing policy history, trends, and examples that are relevant to our membership 


  • Ability to attend a 1pm-3pm onboarding meetings January 29th and January 30th
  • Ability to be physically present at the Oregon Capitol at least once a week during the 2024 Legislative Session (February 5th thru March 10th)
  • Be a current member of an AFT-Oregon local, and have time and capacity to meet minimum hours and position requirements between the hours of 8am and 6pm
  • Be able to log hours on evenings and weekends if needed during the 2024 Legislative Session 


Legislative Fellows will be paid $25/hour, for a maximum of 10 hours a week ($250/week) in a usual week, and up to 15 hours a week ($375/week) during the 2024 Legislative Session. The program will run from January 29th thru April 5th. The end date is flexible depending on program participants’ desire to complete any final outstanding tasks.

This is not an academic fellowship nor a sponsorship program. This will not need to be reported or recorded by faculty or graduate employees as relevant to their overall academic funding (e.g. postdoctoral fellowship, graduate fellowship, dissertation fellowship, traineeship).

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for this program, please fill out this online application. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis beginning January 16th.

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